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These documents are intended to illuminate core essentials of God's word, while diminishing interference from religious and denominational traditions. 

  • Royal Commission is a dedication to the task that God has set for his chosen, the high purpose for which he sent his own.  It heralds the good news of God's grace and celebrates God's liberating mission of amnesty to humankind. 
  • Love and Law is an emphatic exposition of God's prime directive as taught by Jesus and his apostles. 
  • Service and Sacrifice is an expansive collage of teaching designed to encourage, nurture and realise the messianic nature in us. 


For exhaustive, comprehensive definitions, we refer you to the many concordances, dictionaries and lexicographic aids available.  Words listed in our glossary are limited to those most helpful to our exposition. 


Both the Hebrew and Greek languages employ different alphabetic symbols than English.  No standard has been established for transliteration.  We have attempted to optimise phonetically. 


Ideas have been drawn from all available sources including the New Jerusalem, New King James, and New International versions.  Thanks are due to all translators, but primarily to our beloved father for his word, his inspiration and revelation, and particularly for the formulation of ideas here presented. 

This page:  Copyright © 1994-2024  Dave Kay, Toronto, ON  CANADA